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In May of 2Over the passage of my many adventures there seems to be an endless rainbow of light, Part of which I believe is my father.Unfortunately, when I was 3 years old, my father died suddenly- there was no time of sickness, no terminal diagnosis, and no period to prepare for the loss. He just disappeared abruptly one day, and I never saw him again. I desire more than anything to hold onto a part of my father. I needed to find a way to honor him with my life. Although he had done agricultural research with the Green Giant Company, he was a photographer at heart. A great deal of his free time was spent documenting landscapes, trains, and our family with his camera.  It’s only after my mom died that I was able to see the albums of the photos he had taken.  I now have crafted a gift that got passed down to me from my father and that playfulness he had with me as a small child  which now often presents its self in quite spaces.

In May of 2014 after Twenty years of working in Higher Ed my job suddenly ended. It is hear in the craft of photography. That once again has come to rescue and nourish me, as it did when I started way back as a teenager. To find that tinny space in the world for a few minutes that is totally mine. I often find it difficult to devote a set period of time to focus not only on my photography but that of cultivating a spiritual center. Yet it is hear where the two actually have met each other. Now almost three years later the two seam to weave new life daily into my fine art and freelance work.

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